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8 Christmas gift ideas for coffee lovers

6 December 2018

Are you looking for some caffeine-based gift ideas? Christmas is coming and the gift-giving season has opened. Here you are 8 ideas to live the Christmas rush without anxiety and give a smile to your coffee-lover relatives and friends! A coffee plant pic by What is the ideal gift for a coffee lover & […]

Women and World Coffee Day: today espresso coffee is even better!

1 October 2018

Today is International Coffee Day, the event organised by the ICO (International Coffee Organization), which, every October 1st celebrates the global coffee supply chain and the people who are the driving force behind it. Now at its fourth edition, the 2018 event has a special theme: “Women in the Coffee Sector“. Women in Coffee: the […]

Around the world in 11 coffees

23 July 2018

Just like art, coffee reflects local customs and traditions. From the Americas to Japan, from Australia to the heart of Africa: each different culture has come to terms with its ineffable charm. Here is coffee around the world in 11 anecdotes and interesting facts! Japan – A “drink and run” coffee In Tokyo, everyone is in […]