9 creative uses for coffee grounds and leftover brewed coffee

Tips and anti-waste recipes, from desserts to household cleaning: what to do with leftover coffee grounds

There is no doubt, preparing coffee with a good old-fashioned moka pot gives coffee an entirely different charm. In a matter of minutes, the fragrant toasted perfume wafts around the house calling everyone to gather for a brief yet lively moment of enjoyment.

How many times have you made too much coffee, ending up with a few glasses of extra coffee? So, it’s important to know that not a drop of coffee should be thrown away. Even coffee grounds that we usually throw away can be precious in many different ways. They are an excellent resource for cooking, for home care and personal well-being.

If you’ve ever wondered “What can I do with my coffee grounds?“, this post is what you were looking for. There we go, here are 9 creative ways to use every drop of leftover coffee.

Cooking with leftover brewed coffee

Numerous dessert recipes use coffee as an ingredient: from the classic coffee cake to tiramisu, as well as truffles, cremino and coffee granita. In general, all chocolate-based desserts can be enhanced with a hint of good coffee. Quick and easy to prepare recipes, with just a few ingredients and a few cups of leftover coffee. Free your imagination and make your grandmothers proud!

Coffee marinated steak and fish

Few people know that coffee, mixed with some spices, is an excellent natural flavouring for marinating meat and fish, giving the dishes an original frisson of flavour. Coffee goes well with black pepper, extra virgin olive oil and brown sugar. This marinade gives steak or a tuna steak a pleasant and delicate toasted and smoked after-taste. The aromas will be emphasised without being overwhelming. The proof of the pudding is in the eating!

Leftover coffee turns into Iced coffee

During the warmer months, you can freeze leftover coffee in refrigerator. Just pour the coffee into the moulds and place in the freezer. In about 3 hours it will be solidified. And now? Try adding the coffee cubes to milk, a milkshake or directly into freshly made coffee. Extra taste and freshness when you don’t want a hot coffee..

Beaten eggs with leftover coffee

The gold standard grandmother’s breakfast, to start the day with a boost of energy. Break two eggs and put the yolks in a cup. Add six teaspoons of castor sugar and whip everything together with a spoon or a whisk, until you obtain a homogeneous and frothy mixture. Now you just have to pour in the cup of leftover coffee. This typical old-fashioned recipe is genuine and simple, ideal for both breakfast and a snack.

Coffee grounds uses for skin

Is ground coffee good for your face? Of course it is. Thanks to their exfoliating properties that eliminate dead cells, coffee grounds are excellent for treating the skin and make it brighter and revitalised. Just moisten and wipe them over the face with a cotton pad or a towel. Mixed with olive or coconut oil, they are also useful in fighting “orange peel” skin on other parts of the body. This is one of the most popular uses for unused coffee grounds.

Cleaning encrusted pots

Coffee grounds are a good degreaser and, used together with some hot water and a normal detergent, they are excellent at properly cleaning steel saucepans, pots, plates, stoves, grills and all the barbecue utensils scorched or encrusted with grease. Be careful however not to use coffee on light-coloured plates and dishes as they may stain.

Get rid of ants: how to use old coffee grounds in the garden

What can you do with used coffee grounds? Raise your hand if you knew that they work great as an ecological repellent against ants and insects! If your garden and balcony are infested, try spreading coffee grounds along the perimeter to protect them. The smell of coffee will discourage insects which will move away in no time at all, without having to use dangerous chemicals.

Used coffee grounds for plants

Another smart way for reuse coffee grounds in the garden. The mix of nitrogen, calcium and magnesium contained in coffee grounds is a very good fertiliser. This is especially true for growing carrots and feeding flowers such as roses, azaleas, camellias and hydrangeas, which need acidic soil. Spread some coffee grounds in the vegetable garden, kneading it in to the ground near the plants, to speed up their growth.

Eliminate unpleasant odours from hands and fridge

Do you want to remove an unpleasant smell of garlic, onions or fish from your hands after cooking? Rub your hands together with dry coffee grounds, wash them with normal soap and rinse thoroughly. Placed in the fridge inside an open bowl, coffee grounds absorbe and neutralise smells of spoiled foods. It’s also an excellent solution for eliminating that annoying locked-in smell typical of old wardrobes, drawers and shoe racks.

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