From TV to YouTube: the media rise of Caffè Mauro

Caffè Mauro was the first Italian company to bring packed coffee, which had been sold loose beforehand, to store and supermarket shelves. It was also the first to arrive in homes around Italy through television advertising.

It was not just the fun advertising campaigns that quickly turned Caffè Mauro into a globally recognised brand. The meticulous attention to detail in its logo, packaging, colours and shapes combined with the quality of the product to make it known around the world. After the Second World War, when marketing and advertising were still little-known terms, the brand’s strong inclination for communication came to the fore. It is not by chance that, in 1964, the Reggio Calabria company’s first television commercial immediately became a regular (and unmissable) fixture on the historic Carosello programme. This was an Italian television advertising show, with Caffè Mauro’s commercials featuring Mexican protagonists Chico and Manolo.

Thanks to its great sensitivity and curiosity for all things new, Caffè Mauro understood how media promotion was both an opportunity and a strategic resource before its competitors. Over the years, the company has been able to renew itself repeatedly, also in terms of its communication and advertising initiatives. This has occurred with the aim of getting increasingly close to the public and to all its customers, adapting to continuously and unstoppably evolving languages and formats.

Slow roasting? “If you wait, it tastes better”

Not even the slogan was an intuition of minor importance. Il Caffè a tostatura lenta – Se aspetti, c’è più gusto (Slow-roasted coffee – If you wait, it tastes better) is the claim that has accompanied Caffè Mauro from 1997 until today. With genuine and smooth effectiveness, it conveys to its audience the attention to detail dedicated to quality.

The slogan also introduced the company to the age of digital communication. It was proposed once again by Nomesia, a Milan-based web agency that oversaw the Piccoli Momenti di Piacere (Little Moments of Pleasure) YouTube campaign. It consists of 11 episodes, five of which are already online, that narrate the brand and its coffee through an authentic and cheerful language. The second video, entitled “Il Gusto di Aspettare” (The Pleasure of Waiting), has obtained over 154,000 views, winning it the award of Blogmeter’s Top Brands most viewed content in July 2018.

On the web – where it is present with its corporate website, digital magazine, YouTube channel and other social networks – Caffè Mauro reinterprets the espresso experience with a modern approach. Once again, it is transmitting the distinctive values of a brand that has become a symbol of Italian excellence worldwide.

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