Espresso with ice cream: the Affogato Coffee recipe

Scoops of ice cream “drowning” in a good espresso. Do you know the best way to celebrate the arrival of spring?

How to make Affogato? Preparing this delicious and sophisticated dessert is easy. It requires just a few ingredients and a pinch of imagination (never a bad thing) in assembling it.

Let’s see the doses and method used to serve an Affogato at its best.

Affogato coffee recipe

Ingredients (for 4 people)


  • fresh cream (50 ml)
  • dark chocolate flakes or cocoa powder (to taste)
  • liqueur (rum or amaretto)

How to make Affogato with the best ice cream’s flavors

It is important to choose a good ice cream flavour. The classic affogato recipe requires vanilla ice cream or, alternatively, cream flavoured ice cream. These two traditional combinations are a safe option and sweeten the dessert thanks to the milky note, making it less bitter. The fiordilatte variant gives the affogato a more delicate character.

The combination of coffee and hazelnut or almond ice-cream is also sublime: the toasted after-taste enhances the intense flavour and the overlapping aromas. Other must-tries are the cinnamon, chocolate and pistachio ice-cream versions, three flavours that go well with espresso.

One flavour to avoid however is coffee ice-cream as it would give the dessert a redundant flavour.

Affogato Coffee: the preparation

Leave the ice cream out of the freezer for a few minutes, to let it soften. Then, put one or two scoops of ice cream in each cup (or glass cup). What about Affogato liqueur options? If you want to add rum or amaretto, do it now (maximum half a shot glass per cup).

Prepare the coffee and pour it while still hot in the cups.

Now, for the ultimate in gluttony, you just have to decorate the affogato with a touch of whipped cream or chopped dark chocolate flakes.

How to eat Affogato

According to the rules of perfect etiquette, coffee, ice cream and fresh cream should be served separately, with the mocha still steaming in the centre of the table, so that guests can choose their preferred quantities and the affogato isn’t served half melted.

You can opt for the decaffeinated version of this dessert to save yourself from a sleepless night or foregoing the pleasure of this after-dinner dessert.


The perfect pleasure, not just in summer

Treat yourself to a special breakfast, a delicious afternoon snack or a delicious after-dinner dessert with friends with the timeless coffee affogato. The creaminess of the ice cream, the intense aroma of espresso and the contrast between hot and cold will enhance any moment of your day!

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