Welcome cold coffee! 7 recipes for enjoying coffee in summer

Summer is here: the cold coffee season has officially started!

Keep your shaker, blender and mixer next to your coffee maker. Coffee can become a drink, a dessert or an ice lolly for a refreshing break, without having to give up the energy and aroma of a good espresso.

Here are 7 very quick and easy recipes to try so you can enjoy cold coffee this summer.


Shaken Iced Coffee


1 coffee
5 ice cubes
2 teaspoons sugar
liqueur (your favourite)


Make the coffee and pour it while still hot into the shaker with the sugar and ice cubes. You can also add a drop of your favourite liqueur. Shake it for about 30 seconds and then pour it into a glass. If you also drop the ice cubes into it, drink the coffee immediately to prevent it from becoming too diluted!


Coffee Milkshake


2 cups espresso coffee
100g vanilla ice cream
100ml fresh milk
4 ice cubes


Put the ice cream in a blender with the freshly made coffee, milk and ice cubes. Blend for two minutes and you’re done!


“Affogato”(drowned) Coffee


125g vanilla ice cream
1 coffee
20g dark chocolate
fresh cream (as you desire)


Put the ice cream in a glass or a sundae dish and pour on the freshly made coffee. Decorate the dessert with flaked dark chocolate and fresh cream (read the complete recipe for Affogato coffee).


Coffee Ice Pops

Pic from delectablebakehouse.com

Ingredients (for 6 ice pops)

6 cups espresso coffee
400ml water


Put the water and coffee in a jug, then stir well until it becomes a uniform colour. Pour it into special ice pop moulds. Put them in the freezer and leave them to freeze for three days.


Iced Coffee Slush


2 espresso coffees
100g caster sugar
1 vanilla pod
250ml water


Make two espresso coffees and put them in a saucepan, then add the sugar, water and vanilla. Put it on a low heat and stir until the mixture boils. Turn off the heat and continue stirring until you get a syrupy mixture. Let it cool in a glass and then put it in the freezer: stir it with a spoon every thirty minutes. After 3 hours (and stirring 5-6 times) the slush is ready!


Cold Coffee with Cream


1 long coffee
1 tablespoon sugar
50ml whipped cream
1 tablespoon whiskey cream


Make the coffee, add the sugar and leave it to cool. Then pour it into an ice cube mould and put it in the freezer. Use another ice cube mould to freeze the same number of cubes of whipped cream. Put the coffee and the cream ice cubes in a mixer, add the whiskey cream (if you don’t like alcohol, you can use vanilla) and blend for 20 seconds. Stir well to obtain a creamy mixture. Your cold coffee with cream is ready to be served!

P.s.: You can add the cream afterwards over the coffee (see photo) instead of freezing it in cubes.


Iced Cappuccino


1 coffee
6 ice cubes
1 sachet sugar
150ml milk
cocoa powder (as you desire)


Make the coffee, pour it into a mixer with 3 ice cubes and a sachet of sugar. Mix for 1 minute and pour the contents into a glass or small jug. Put the other 3 ice cubes and the milk in the mixer; mix for 1 minute and pour the mixture into the glass with the coffee. All you need to do now is add a sprinkling of bitter cocoa powder and voilà!



Good news for coffee lovers: with these delicious recipes that are easy to follow, we will not have to give up our favourite drink even on these hot muggy days. With a high-quality coffee and a good dose of creativity, you can obtain some fabulous results!


Pics from pixabay.com

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